Hi! I’m Youjin, a Graphic & UX/UI Designer, who thinks that Design is an endless cycle of observing, thinking, and applying and last but not least, interactivity makes it alive—this is why I love it.


I've always loved to observe the daily life of mine and others. When I enter stores, unpack packages of products, and go to websites. At the same time, I imagine myself as a clerk working at the store, a person who received the product as a gift, and a person who knew nothing about the website, etc. Since they’re all different kinds of users—with all different perspectives. 

I constantly ask questions and share thoughts with myself and others about what we felt from what we observed and experienced as users. Based on what I learned from observation and shared thoughts, I create experiences with my strength: storytelling, zooming in and out a project, image-making, and typography.